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Raw materials procurement 

Traceability, a constant principle

To ensure its products are of the very best quality, Belma tracks the provenance of each fish it cans.

The cannery has direct supply agreements with boats from the southern ports of Morocco, allowing it to define and enforce detailed specifications to ensure better quality.

BELMA pays for ice to be supplied to fishing boats, thus preserving the freshness and quality of its fish. Quality is controlled when catches are landed by the Belma buying team operating in several Moroccan ports.

The fish canned by Belma is caught along the coast of the Moroccan Sahara, where the absence of urbanisation and industry limits environmental pollution.

BELMA only transports its fish in refrigerated lorries fitted with a temperature monitor (traceability) to preserve freshness and quality.

Sustainable resource management

We are fully committed to conservation of marine resources and reject fish that do not meet minimum size requirements, or those caught using inappropriate fishing methods.