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Company History

 70 years of tradition!

1947: The company is founded in Agadir and operates from the Anza industrial district near the port.

1960: An earthquake devastates Agadir destroying houses and factories. Belma has to stop production.

1964: The factory moves to a new industrial district in Agadir, Quartier des Abattoirs, in the centre of the city.

2000: Belma takes over neighbouring cannery Assamak and merges the two production sites.

2002: Wenceslas Chancerelle SAS, a Breton cannery in Douarnenez, acquires an equity stake in Belma through a partnership agreement.

2008: The production site moves to the Ait Melloul industrial district near the airport.

2013: Chancerelle acquires a majority stake in the company.

Current management

Jean-François HUG: Chief Executive Officer
Arnaud MARTY: General Manager