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 Company Presentation

Founded in 1947 in Agadir, Belma produces and sells high-quality canned fish under its own brand and for other companies. Today, the company is a recognised player in the canned fish market.


 Own Brands

Belma manufactures its own products under the brands Belma and Armorial, as well as Connétable following a canning partnership agreement with the company Chancerelle in 2002. Its canned fish is sold on both local and international markets.


 Other brands

Belma also produces canned fish for European and North American retail outlets (generic brands), importers and manufacturers, for whom it develops product lines.




Belma exports almost all of its production. Its main market is Western Europe which accounts for 50% of exports, followed by Africa, North America and Asia.

Figures – 2017

Employees: 1200
Processed Fish: 23,000 tonnes
Production : 91 million 125g equivalent cans
Sales: €33 Million



Belma is near Agadir, a Moroccan city with a long-established canning industry. With a reputation as one of the
Kingdom’s most dynamic cities, Agadir has all the infrastructure required for production and export.
Modernised in 2008, the factory is located on the new industrial estate of Aït Melloul, near Agadir Al Massira  International airport and the country’s main fishing grounds.

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